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Published Jun 05

Chicken »

The first of many completely random and incoherent posts.

Both of the “chicken fight” episodes of Family Guy were on Adult Swim. Wicked-awesome!

Paul shouted out. I’m shouting back.

What is up, my dawg?

EDIT: 8.5 can be found here.

Apples »

Apple updates the iPods but not enough for me to buy one.

Did I mention we like them?

Apple decided yesterday that it was time for some mildly updated iPods to go along with iTunes 4.9. This wasn’t particularly exciting for me; as a matter of fact it was kind of a disappointment because it all but assured me that the 5th generation iPods are a ways off. I’ve been tempted by the last two refreshes to pick up one of the 60 gig ones (my 3rd gen 15 gig is officially full), but I’ve held off in anticipation of the all-new one, which will supposedly have an aluminum enclosure and other goodies, not to mention the new single platter hard drives.

What really surprised me (although maybe it shouldn’t; not everyone follows Apple) is how many people thought that this was Apple’s idea of a big update. There are so many signs that this is not the case. The first and most obvious is that it looks exactly the same. They just made color standard and dropped “Photo” off of the name. They also neglected to feature it on their homepage, opting instead to make iTunes with Podcasting the feature. You can believe that anything Apple considered to be a serious update to the iPod would never be playing second fiddle to iTunes; if nothing else they would share the limelight. Finally, it hasn’t even been a year since we saw the debut of the 4th generation, if I remember correctly, and that wasn’t even a huge update from the 3rd.

There’s also speculation that there will be a video iPod and an iTunes phone, but to be honest, I could really care less. Very rarely do I consider myself an early adapter, as enthused about technology as I am. What good will a video iPod do for me right now? What will I watch on it and when? Why would I want to listen to music on my phone? Again, these are all questions I find myself asking everytime either of those is brought up, and I’m sure that, given another year or two, Apple will have provided some rock-solid answers.

Fell »

I fell off my bike, it hurts and I want to share the pain with you.

…off my bike. Last week. Arm hurts. Ouch.

Perhaps sometime soon I’ll start having some words or something, ‘stead of these pansy two-line carpathons.

Second »

We have two cats and they're cute.

Bender is our second cat. To cop a line from Dave Barry, this makes him our auxiliary cat, ready to leap in at the moment Maynard is unable to perform his feline duties.

Scratch »

This is my first post! To celebrate I took a picture of myself.

Here’s to the beginning of a fresh

Two Days in a Row »

I’ve been noticing those C6 Corvettes about. I must say that Chevrolet has managed to return to the Corvette to an object of desire. It’s not my favorite car ever, but it gets attention for the right reasons, rather than for being a bulbous overstyled blob like the C5.

‘fore I forget I should probably mention some wicked sites I’ve been frequenting as of late:

Breaking Records Left & Right »

I was thinking “you know, I shouldn’t post today because I already posted two days in a row” but then I realized this is a blog and that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. My bike got to go out today. I went with it, which is even better. Today marked the 2nd time this year that the it actually got out, which is pretty pathetic, but at lease I’ve been doing other stuff. Yeah, exercise.

I’m at that point again where I want to do something with this site, so the next week or so I will be focused on absolutely not doing anything with it. It’s not really worth my time to go through and redo everything again if I’m not going to implement any kind of scripting, and I won’t be doing that unless I get some kind of change in hosting because I simply don’t have the space to do anything right now, and there’s no guaranee it will even work with my server.

Laundry List »

So there was a brief time period where I sort of broke the deal and bought some stuff, but exceptions had to be made for 50% off sales and t-shirt needs. But I had money left over from Door County, so it’s not a big deal of any sort. My next purchase, or one of them, will have to be new sandals. I have these Old Navy ones that I got for $4 when I was a freshman in college (2000). They’ve just gradually been compressing and wearing away to the point that the sole must be about an eigth inch thick under my heel. It’s not painful, except when I’m walking on any kind of pointy surface. I think it’s time they be retired.

Father’s day took me out of town to my parents’ house. It’s in the country, with the closest neighbor being at least a healthy walk away. That’s where I grew up but since moving I’ve not spent much time there. I took some time yesterday to wander a little and check things out, since there is so much there that can catch your interest. It was a nice time – we had a good lunch and then sat around by the river near there and just hung out, which I haven’t done for awhile. I enjoyed it, and I liked the feeling of looking at different areas and trying to remember how they used to be and what I used to do there. It’s always an interesting sensation to visit a place you’ve been away from for awhile.

I learned last week that a person I’ve known since kindergarten was injured in the war and has subsequently died. I don’t really know what to think of that. As someone who is generally opposed to the war it saddens me when lives are lost because of it, especially when it’s somebody I knew. At the same time, that’s where he wanted to be and he left school to go there and for that reason it seems like less of a lost cause. It is less difficult to accept somebody dying in a war because you know the possibility is out there when they go. Personally, it’s harder to wrap my mind around a person dying suddenly in a car accident or some other occurence of everyday life. It catches you off guard and makes things much harder.

It’s times like these that make me think about death and dealing with it. I’ve yet to have somebody die that was more than an acquaintance. I suppose this lucky but it’s scary as well, not knowing what feelings to expect when that day comes. I’ve dealt with death thus far with kind of a detached observation. I’m the person who just has the “huh.” reaction when I’m told about it. It’s obviously a sad occurence, but I don’t feel sad so much as dazed. I feel sorry for the people who where hit harder by it, but it doesn’t affect me much, and I don’t know why.

On a much less somber note, I drove a Del Sol the other night. This particular specimen was nothing special, but the model in general is certainly worth consideration and I’ll continue to look. I was actually able to make the car go this time without as much effort, so I feel better about searching for a manual transmission in my next car.

So Will They Turn the “G” Into a “P”? »

Hell has frozen over and pigs are flying. Maybe. But nonetheless, it’s true: Intel processors are set to become a key part of the Mac experience within the next couple of years. When I first heard the rumor, I was moderately surprised. The Apple snob in me, as I think it did in many, was saddened, since you know, that’s what Windows uses, but the more I read about it and the more I think about it, it seems to make sense. I have no doubt that Apple will be able to retain all the parts crucial to the enjoyability of a Mac whilst eliminating those things that prevented the performance and market-share gains they are looking for.

Now might be a good time to buy that Powerbook, since you’ll have a long wait for the next ones.

So, we’ve returned from Door County once again. All of my body parts are sore after what was a very pleasant and marginally stimulating weekend. I swam alot and played on the beach and ate burgers. None of these at the same time. I could’ve bought a car but I didn’t and won’t, and we’ll just see what happens.

Embar-gone »

I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, but then I nev-gnar got around to it. What I’ve realized is that I buy lots of things. This is by no means a bad thing – I still constrain myself to a budget, but at the same time I thought it might be interesting to see if I could go a month without buying things.

I came to this conclusion after returning from Minnesota with 8 shirts, 2 video games and a pair of sandals. Again, all stuff I had pretty much budgeted for, but it just sounds bad.

So here’s the breakdown. I will buy NOTHING in the month of June. Of course, there are exceptions:

  • $50 souvenir (books and crap) budget for Door County this weekend
  • groceries, rent, and other cost-of-living junk
  • dinners (when I say I don’t want to spend money it means no buying clothes or toys more than no outings with friends)

So yeah, there it is. I think it’s totally manageable.
Also, Dr. Mario and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. I know you were wondering.