I am the biggest slacker ever, perhaps. Not really though. I have a real job and that counts for something. I’m sure there have been a lot of things that have gone on recently. I picked up a coupla GC games (Legend of Zelda, Wario World, Star Fox Adventures) for fairly reasonable prices. I like the first two; I have yet to play the third one. It also occurs to me that Abe hasn’t written anything for like, a year so maybe I can convince him to do so. Right now he’s working on more edumacations from Phoenix online. I think it’s effective albeit boring. Hey, we saw Urinetown this past weekend and I think it would have to be the best musical I’ve ever seen, ever. It was great. I would definitely see it again. Also, I found this Danger Mouse guy in a Spin magazine, and was rather enthused. Although I have yet to listen to his music, I really like his costume.