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Andy Laub is a designer & developer in the Twin Cities.

Published Jul 07

Airplanes are cool. Airplanes with kangaroos on them are even cooler.

Boston is under attack. I bet it’s those crazy Mooninites again.

Rockstar’s Bully is going cross-platform and next-gen(ish). Glad I didn’t already pick it up for the PS2. Achievements!


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It's singing and dancing again.

After that one show I did, one of the cast members told me I should try out for a Community Theatre show that he’s assistant directing; I approached that suggestion with some hesitation, but because I enjoyed the Urinetown experience so much, I resolved to definitely audition, no matter how I was feeling about it at the time.

Auditions came and went, and I ended up scoring the part of Action in WCT‘s West Side Story. It sounds like it’s a little meatier than my last role, which I’m pretty stoked about. I’m also happy because although this isn’t one of those shows that I just “had to be in” (Urinetown was), it gets my foot in the door for when a show like that comes along, and it’s a lot of fun to boot.

It will also help me occupy my time, as Abe is currently 9 hours and 6 time zones away, leading a group of middle schoolers through the British Isles for the next 2 weeks. So between this, watching movies, biking, a video game here and there, and watching the cats fight, time should pass pretty quickly, I guess.

Oh man, you guys. The Transformers movie was soooo good.

Kanye’s Stronger, but where’s the new album?

Are you listening to The Talk Show? Why not?

As someone whose warranty is (was) almost up, this is reassuring.

As someone whose warranty is (was) almost up, this is reassuring.

AT&T is buying Dobson, who does business around here as Cellular One. That means iPhone for Wausau.