Unfortunately, due to my current lack of a GameCube or Game Boy Advance, I’ve not been able to try Prime or Fusion as of yet. They came out yesterday, and I was so excited despite the fact that I didn’t have any reason to buy them.

In honor of this, though, I spent half the weekend playing Super Metroid, which rocks out in its own special way. To be quite honest, I pretty much love every aspect of that game. I’ve yet to come across another title that is quite as creative, with the exception of the Final Fantasy series, but I can actually finish Super Metroid. The original Metroid is a different story. It’s freakin’ hard, supporting the theory that Ray Ban outlet many games have become easier as systems become better. Note the Sonic and Mario franchises; I can get way farther in their newer versions than I could in the originals. I think the invention of “save points,” is, at least by me, very appreciated. Here’s a random thought; I wonder if I should start playing Oddworld again. I sorta quit that game at some point and I don’t know why. Boy, I’m hungry. Can you tell? Anyway, I suppose that’s as good an excuse as any to depart. Adios.

PS: Oh yeah, I found this and this. My birthday’s coming up soon.