Andy Laub

Andy Laub is a designer & developer in the Twin Cities.


Designer-itis… So THAT’s what this feeling over the past couple weeks has been.

Why do I care about sand? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME, THAT’S WHY.

Dove gives a brief but rather stunning look into the modeling process.

My mind… it has been blown.

I need this to be produced. For the DS, or XBL Arcade, I don’t care. I want it. (via DF)

Makes me wish I had a yard.

Audi R8. Finally. Awesome.

Aaaaand the PS3 is officially dead.

Engadget relaunches. And it’s huuuuuuuuuge.

Honda’s Tetris ad even has the music! Auf Deutsch.

Have you even heard of the Blu-Ray? It’s the future!!!!

No HD? You’re outta luck if you can’t read the subtitles in Dead Rising.

Now this is what I want.

Two words: Hassel. Hoff. I cannot stress how much this video needs to be seen. And then immediately forgotten.

Gruber makes some interesting notes about Apple’s WWDC showing. Of particular interest is his examination of the new naming conventions and how the machines fit in.

If GTA 4 looks even vaguely like this it’s already awesome. Wait – this is a Coke ad.

Still ridiculously funny, but the site has gotten even hotter.

Robotic parking garage shuts down; traps hundreds of cars. What a great day for drivers!

BAD DESIGN KILLS. I need to get some of the CMD+Z stickers for my car.

Adam Koford is an amazing illustrator with amazing illustrations.

700 Hoboes. Oh dear lord YES.

PDF, you can get your MacBook now.

Old stuff is funny!

Volvo Saved My Life: A powerful and ingenius marketing campaign featuring slideshows narrated by Volvo-driving accident survivors.

The Features have some new stuff. Big surprise: it’s awesome.