Somewhere around a million years ago, I wrote a post that went into great detail about my issues with the design of the iMac, and things that could be fixed to make me like it more. Nitpicky things like power button and CD slot placement were secondary to my main concern: height adjustability. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of picking up an iMac to replace my beleaguered Powerbook for some time now, and the iMac seemed like the best candidate given what it offers for the price. I never published the post, because it was ridiculous. The iMac at the time (the white Intel) was gorgeous. The new metal/glass iMac is gorgeous. It’s fine. It’s perfect.

But not for me.

My big hangup was that I already have a not insignificant sum invested in my current display. I like my display, and so the iMac would have to function as an addition and not as a replacement. While it’s more than feasible technically, it leaves many things to be desired aesthetically. And the more I thought about it, I started to long for more RAM slots, room for more hard drives, and a design that I fell in love with the day it was introduced in 2003.

I will own a Mac Pro.