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Published Feb 07

Settling »

We moved. We didn't break anything (important).

Friday marked the start of The Move™ in which small electronics, televisions, boxes, and other miscellany started their voyage to the new house.

Saturday was a whopper, requiring the transportation of two desks, two beds, an enormous bed frame, a heavy but delicate (horrible combination) mirror, and other things that I’d rather not lift again for another 5 to 10 years.

Additionally, the first floor is pretty much arranged save for some random boxes and as-yet-unpurchased furniture, while the basement is on hold until the carpet is installed, so no Xbox 360 for me for a couple of weeks.

On the plus side, ethernet connections mean no more dropped wireless on my laptop, and we can use USB for the printers so the Airport Express becomes available for music streaming duties in the living room.

Also, we have a garage (yay) and a driveway (yay) and it has snowed every day since Saturday (boo). At this part I would say look for photos soon, but seriously, don’t. I’ll get to them when I get to them.

At some point I wrote the HTML/CSS for this

Images of Audi’s A5 Coupe leaked out earlier this week, and I think the overall design is quite beautiful inside and out. That said, I was looking forward to seeing the S5 (read: hot rod) version, and thanks to the interweb, here it is not even 2 days later.

John Gruber’s take on Fred Amoroso’s response to Steve Jobs’s Thoughts on Music. Hilarious.

I’ve been using Parallels for a few months now and have been generally pleased. I’ve been following the beta releases, and while Release Candidate 1 introduced the excellent coherence mode, RC2 broke it so I wasn’t able to use my second display. Thankfully, Release Candidate 3 is (finally) here, and everything is back to happiness.

Hot damn, the Granite Peak site is done!

Awesome, but not really »

Oasys is a dumb name, I don't care how you try to justify it.

I have to admit, my contacts lately have been sucking ass. I’ve had the same prescription of the Acuvue 2 for a couple years and it was okay but not great. My biggest gripe, and this is especially noticeable with gaming and nighttime driving, is the starburst effect with a bright spot on a dark background (streetlights or text). This is a result of the contacts shifting ever so slightly and never being quite aligned properly.

My eye doctor called for a yearly checkup and I figured it was time to resolve this. The prescription has been updated and I’m trying out the (beware: creative spelling ahead) Acuvue Oasys, aka the Acuvue 4. But I guess they felt Oasys was more awe-inspiring, apparently because compared to my old contacts’ breathability rating of 16, these are in the 100’s. Also you can sleep in them, which is… great.

So I’ve got these wicked new contacts that give me night vision and also laser eyes, but I was still a little let down. They fit better, as the diameter is smaller, but they don’t feel revolutionary, and with a name like Oasys that’s kind of too bad.

I’m still deciding whether to spend the extra $10 a box on these or not. I could also just go with the smaller diameter of my old contacts, but then I’d be giving up the laser eyes, which I’ve really grown attached to.

Jack Bauer vs. the Mooninites.

Grown up stuff »

Home Pwnership.

Okay, let’s try this again.

  • Offer made? Check.
  • Offer accepted? Check.
  • Inspection passed? Check.
  • Appraisal done? Check.
  • Financing approved? Check.

Yeah! Time to own a house!

Look out, Boston.

I am shocked – shocked – that the Bears managed to screw it up.

Hey, by the way; happy Groundhog Day.

Yourspace »

Myspace is a void. A void!

I have a Myspace page. I don’t update it. I check it rarely. It serves two purposes:

  1. Anyone who’s looking can find me
  2. It’s another way to get people here

Once they’re here, great. They can do whatever; read posts, go to Flickr, etc. But I don’t link back to Myspace; to me it’s just a means to an end.

Which is why, on the rare occasions I go on there to check messages, I find myself tempted to push the “delete” button and just kill it. I strongly dislike Myspace. The problem is, I like the people that I know there, and for some of them I think sites like that are their only social link to the internerd.

And so then I end up doing nothing, and I forget about it until the next time I log into Myspace.