I had been intending to do this since seeing it somewhere else and in light of the recent Apple-related events now seems like an appropriate time, since the first item on the list is a new computer. The Powerbook has served me well since January of 2004 and it will remain in the stable, but it’s time for a new, dedicated desktop machine.

I went through this crisis last year when I had originally thought about picking up a PowerMac G5. It never happened for reasons explained therein (too many choices!) which actually worked out to my advantage with all the Intel activity.

The choice should be easier this time around, but I’m still conflicted. When I stopped looking at the PowerMacs I resolved to wait and see what happened with a direct (Intel-driven) replacement for my laptop, but it never showed up. I’ve griped about this in other posts, and as much as I like the MacBooks they’re just not for me.

After the disappointment that came with the realization that I now own an orphaned product, I decided to see what would happen with the Mac Pro. Apple didn’t disappoint, but for what I’d be using it for it’s a ridiculous amount of overkill. And while I could afford it, I simply don’t want to.

On the other end of the spectrum there’s the Mac mini, but until it gets real desktop components (which would obviously require a larger case – Intel Cube, anyone?) it’s off the radar.

This leaves the iMac, which for my needs is nearly flawless. Sure it can only hold one hard drive, but as long as that hard drive is a monster I’m fine. It looks good, it’s fast, and it’s got every option I’d want standard. It gives me a nice environment in which to start playing with Parallels (OK, I admit, I really just want to load up The Sims).

The only issue then, is what happens to this gorgeous (20″) display of mine. I’ve thought about running it with the iMac, but cool as it would be that seems excessive for my home office; I simply don’t want that much screen space. Work, however, is a different story, so maybe it will end up there?

Display issues aside, the iMac is the clear winner of this surprisingly epic battle. Maybe I’ll finish the list tomorrow.