One year ago today, PDF and I were sitting and staring at my monitor, making WordPress go. The result was this post, the first of 6 months worth of daily images. Many of those images were terrible. Some were OK.

Regardless, it’s been a good time so far, and even though the images have migrated, I have every intention of continuing to chronicle my various thoughts. But for now, let’s look at some facts and figures, yes?

Shortstat info since October 25, 2005

Total hits: 48,806
Unique hits: 4,250

Top browser: IE 6.0

Top 5 repeat referrers:

  1. 368
  2. 330
  3. 191
  4. 97
  5. 74

Top 5 search terms:

  1. andy laub: 38
  2. swedish models: 17
  3. macbook: 5
  4. Andy Laub: 4
  5. You may want to consider using a third-party utility to convert the
    muxed file to a format that does allow you to edit or export: 4
Overall info since inception

Posts: 244
Average posts per day: .67
Average time between posts: 1.50 days

Comments: 273
Average comments per post: 1.12
Average comments per day: .75

Internal images: 257
Average images per post: 1.05
Average images per day: .70

Videos: 2

Flickr images: 203
Average Flickr images per day: .56 bookmarks: 235
Average bookmarks per day: .64

Change in regular readership: 400%, up to four now! Way to go, guys!