Well, after a some procrastination I finally tried to sync the iPod for the first time in a month. Obviously it is full, but I was curious as to how iTunes would respond to this. It gives you the option to automatically select some music for you based on your preferences. I tried this, and I’m not sure how it’ll work out. For some unknown reason, it opted (as shown) to leave 49 MB free on the disk, which confuses me – that’s enough for at least a couple more songs.

The obvious solution to this is to buy a new iPod. I’ve considered, and I easily could, but I know the 5th generation is just around the corner so I’d rather see what that has to offer. The rumors of bluetooth and a hott new aluminum shell are too much for me to resist, and they’re talking about thinner drives as well, an area where the current model could use a little work.