From a barrage of emails today:

Me: did I ever show you this? I think it was before your time.

Paul: that’s fun

A: yes, pencils and internet go hand in hand.

P: I’ve seen some really dope stuff using pencils on the internet. Or maybe it just seemed dope because it wasn’t pixel perfect boxes.

A: is mine dope? how about pencils on the new site?

P: looks dope. exectution of course not so dope. but that was a long time ago…

A: That would’ve been difficult to execute with css. I think.

And here’s where it turns on us…

P: Nothing is difficult with css. Like standing on your hands for instance. Without CSS it is really hard. But when using CSS, no problem.

A: I’m not even sure that’s a valid argument – –

P: I’m not sure that’s a valid accusation.

A: I don’t think it was an accusation so much as a fact.

P: You don’t know.

A: No, I do.

P: Did your mom tell you to say that?

And unfortunately, that’s where it ends. I think our brains were so dead after that that neither of us did any work for the next 6 hours. That is a lie.