We went to Best Buy earlier and were fortunate enough to run into a friend of ours, who revealed that they had the iPod shuffles in stock. We actually got to take one out of the package and play with it, and I was very impressed. All the reports on the internerd had me believing that it would be smaller, but the size is manageable – small, but not so small you could lose it easily. I think — well, I know — that Apple has another winner with this. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves, I think. We were told that out of the 40 they got in last week they only had 2 1gb models left. And this, as far as I can tell, is only because they are not advertised in the store at all. I did not buy an iPod shuffle. Amazingly.

I gave Ted an iTMS gift certificate for his birthday, and then found one from him in my inbox later last night. What a guy.