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Published Oct 04

Wolves, Eagles, Puppies etc (Won) »

So Bush has a brand new ad. Wow, I am just speechless. Way to drive the point home, Georgie – wait – wait – no. No, you didn’t. I think you forgot about that point thing, or maybe there was a point but I didn’t catch it because I was trying not to laugh at the voice-over. Whatever kind of accent that is, it’s really, really close to being really, really funny.

Speaking of really funny (like, genuinely), the rapid response team over at the Poor Man has this to offer, which is basically the same thing, maybe a little more effective since there is profanity.

Finally, Kerry’s side also has an ad with animals, the common thought on which (so I’ve read) being that it’s better… not that it takes much.

Back From The DC (Too) »

Cars from Door County:

  • Porsche Cayenne (3)
  • Range Rover (2)
  • Infiniti FX (1)
  • old BMW 5-series wagon

Also, saw the new A6 today. I am very, very disappointed. I mean, it is what I expected after seeing pictures and all, but they could have done so much better. Apparently Audi is trying to prove that BMW isn’t the only one that can screw up a car. This leaves me worried about the future of Mercedes – that F1 grille thing is OK on the SLK and SLR, but if they start trying to bring that into other things I am going to be sad. VW should be OK just because they’re not in that luxury car fray, meaning it is in their best interest to offer the German driving dynamic in a more conservative package.

I paid my money for GTA:SA today, because it means no waiting in line tomorrow. The local GameStop has about 200 pre-orders, leaving about 20 unreserved copies. There are going to be some very frustrated stupid people this week.

Chicken Fight!

The DC (Fore) »

We are on are way to Door County this weekend. That sould be a nice time-killer. I don’t know that I am happy to be going because I feel there are other things I *should* be doing, but I’m not doing them.

I saw this Capitol Steps show last night. I was glad to see it but also glad I didn’t pay for it. It was OK and pretty clever, but the music was their words to other peoples’ songs instead of being original which was disappointing.

Oh yeah. I got rid of all my a class="two" tags and replaced them in the CSS with body a:link etc. Exciting stuff, I know.

Eh (Sicks) »

The “You Got Served” episode of South Park is on and they’re dancing to “Achy Breaky Heart.” That’s just genuine funny. This whole season of the show has been pretty enjoyable, most notably the one in which they buy the weapons from the fair and become samurai.

I got THUG on Saturday, but I’m done with it. It’s not bad, and I will probably pick up THUG 2 when it goes on sale. Until then, I can wait – I don’t generally need a fix of Tony Hawk all that often, so I’m sure it will be a “greatest hit” when I get the urge to play it again.

Finally, Abe broke down and got a new camera. I like it, but then again, I’m a sucker for anything with a focus ring.

Someone Got Their Ass Whupped (12) »

Well, debates are all wrapped up. Read about ’em here, here, here, etc
It was quite interesting to watch them because on one side you have a confident, self-assured, calm, professional leader, and on the other side you have our current president.

My car battery died, I guess. I mean, I assume that’s what the problem is when it won’t start unless it’s jumped, and then won’t start again unless it’s jumped. It is sitting at Sears right now, awaiting a brand new battery for max winter starting power, and I figured I’d get the tires rotated while I’m at it.

Man, that number up there is getting lower and lower! I can hardly wait. I’ve been trying to pacify myself by playing Gamecube, but it’s not doing much good. Maybe I’ll use next week to refresh my madd GTA skillz, or something.

Wow, I am a dork.

Furious George (17) »

Saw the debate last night – it wasn’t as clear cut as the first one. I was disappointed to not hear the phrase “hard work” at all, but that’s to be expected. I didn’t feel that great after seeing it, but the more I read, the better I feel. Slate talks about the misses Kerry had in spite of Bush’s blunders, but the Daily Kos talks about how incredibly poor Bush’s physical presentation was. This was something I had noticed, but it becomes more apparent when you don’t pay attention to what the candidates are saying so much as what they were doing. Bush interrupted frequently (both Kerry and moderator Charlie Gibson) and his responses were very curt – his tone of voice basically implying that not only Kerry but those asking the questions were not worth his time. A person on the Daily Kos comment line made a point that who wins the debate basically comes down to who looks better when the sound is off. Another one for Kerry, then.

In other news, I got around to picking up the new Cake CD today, and I’m pleased with it so far. I like it much better than Comfort Eagle, which has to be my least favorite of all of theirs. I like the three earlier ones pretty equally.

We also saw The Ladykillers last night, as well as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last week. Both were good. I wasn’t sure about the ending of Ladykillers until I realized that it was a Cohen thing and then it all made sense. I actually liked Eternal Sunshine, and the storyline was really good despite it’s relative slowness through most parts.

I was also excited to see that Kanye‘s finally released the New Workout Plan as a single – that means video!

Non-Debate Crap »

Franz Ferdinand’s videos just keep getting better. I was pretty impressed with Take Me Out, but This Fire just kicks its ass. I also watched Eminem’s new video and I’m not sure what I think – it’s definitely an Eminem video, but he seems much more morose in this video than he has in others. Is he calming down?

I don’t care who is involved – any remake of the song Car Wash is still going to suck. But I am completely enthralled with this new Boost Mobile commercial. Who is the third guy, is what I would like to know.

Bush was actually in town today, for a rally. The son of a bitch. I hope he gets his ass handed to him tomorrow night.
Anyway, I am hoping to be starting up a new blog soon – not a replacement for this, but something that I’d be working on with someone else that would actually have worthwhile content. We’ll see how that goes – keep your fingers crossed.

I am hungry now – time for hot dogs!

More VP Debate Carp (20) »

Sooo…correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure it bodes well when every other sentence out of our VP’s mouth is “he got his facts wrong.” It especially doesn’t help when he refers to a url that is a)incorrect – Cheney mentioned .com when the correct site is .org and b) not all that supportive of Cheney’s claims – looking at’s um, fact-checker for the debate only tells us that Cheney is even less credible than he claims Edwards is.

Speaking of which, why on Earth would Cheney claim to have never met Edwards in all of his two times at congress? I mean, not only is there a picture, but I can’t look at it without visualizing Cheney working the turntables and Edwards doing the robot.

Throw me another funky groove, DJ Liar McChizzeney.

Another Debate For Debating (21) »

After seeing the Cheney in the VP debate, I realized two things:

  1. He kind of looks like a turtle – this isn’t helped by his complete lack of head movement during the entire event – he seems to be quite mumbly-grumbly.
  2. I don’t think Cheney likes Bush either. Think about it – if your boss was a complete maroon, how would you feel? Between Bush and Cheney, Cheney looks, acts, and speaks more like a president. If Cheney ran the country (I mean, he does, but officially) I think we’d all feel a little more comfortable because he doesn’t come off as a bumbling idiot every time he’s in public.

Would I vote for Cheney? Over Bush, sure. If my president is going to screw everything up, I want him to at least look like he knows what’s going on. That’s why I’m voting for Kerry.

I’m with stupid.

No, wait – I’m with Kerry. has the entire debate downloadable from iTunes – for FREE.

Also, my new favorite site for today is here.

This Needs to Be Longer (25 Days) »

And so I’m going to waste some space by writing some stuff that’s not of any particular interest. Here goes.
I guess the first of a few debates was last night. I read a transcript that was linked to from The Poor Man (that alone should give you some idea of who I support) and this whole politics thing is actually pretty interesting to me for the first time in awhile. I guess it is because I so passionately despise Bush, and I am looking for ways to support my opinion. I am happy to say that I am not one to blatantly tell people I don’t know who to vote for, but I at least have an opinion and reasons to back it up.

Also, it occurred to me that dinner is kind of a strange word. Growing up, dinner=supper and lunch was separate. But to some, dinner=lunch and supper is separate. Something to think about.

Finally, you’ll notice the randumb number above. Given prior entries, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that’s counting down to.