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Published Aug 04

Car Talk »

So the scooter phase is done for now, I think,as I have once again been longing for my car. I looked at a couple last weekend (and was absolutely smitten with a red 99 Accord V6 Coupe) but now I am driving my same old same old. I am loving it still, but I want to get some money aside for a newer one next summer (the Accord was great, but I’m thinking VW Passat or Subaru Legacy GT if I can find one that is reasonable). We’ll see when we get there, I guess. I also have my eye on the Acura CL and TL from that era, since I wouldn’t feel as though I was abandoning the ship of Honda if I went with one of those. Then there’s the Volvo side of things. So many choices.

In the Cone-Zone: the Joys of Conan O’Brien »

Every so often, when I stay up late enough, I’ll catch a new episode of Conan O’Brien. The problem is, Craig Kilborn is on at the same time and so I find myself flipping between the two in an effort to catch the best of both. All I can say is, thank God for syndication. Now I can watch the Cone-Zone on Comedy Central as soon as I get home from work! It’s so exciting I can hardly stand it. I don’t know where this is going but it certainly isn’t anything near what I was expecting.

Honda Havasu!

I know Paul – he is on this site. We are co-workers. (SHAMELESS PLUG) That’s about all I really know. I am trying to figure something out right now but that doesn’t really explain why I’m not writing. Laziness – now that would explain why I’m not writing.

Random 2 Weeks Update »

We replaced the rather large computer desk (like 6′ x 6′ in an L shape) with some 36 x 18 metal shelves from Le Target. It looks better, holds more, and takes up so much less space in the (formerly) cramped bedroom. In the picture you’ll not only see the shelves, but my lovely G3 and Abe’s Alienware, as well as an ancient Marantz receiver and some older Bose 201 speakers. It is a fantastic sounding system, with the only source being the G3.

I met yesterday with a really nice person from our local paper. They are apparently trying to put together a couple of magazines and are recruiting freelancers – it sounds like a fun side project so I hope I’m included.

I bought Franz Ferdinand after about a month of deliberation, and I am actually pretty pleased. I also imported a Von Zipper sampler that’s been sitting on my desk for who knows how long. 19 more songs until I hit 3000. I have been trying to wrap up Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and I am happy to say I like it again. Appearance is very different from Driv3r, but it is so much more fun. I can’t wait for the next installment.

A friend of ours has procured some kittens, and they are the cutest thing in the world. We went to check them out yesterday, and I was surprised because I’d forgotten how small kittens are. Also incredibly awkward, in an adorable way.

I only have $500 left to pay off on the moped!

We went to see my parents on Saturday and they ooh ‘d and ah ‘d about ABE’S NEW CAR. I must say that I like it an awful lot, too. Anyway, parents – it was strange walking around the house, because it seems so much smaller than when I lived there. I don’t know if it is because I was under their wing and it was comfortable at the time or because our place has 11-foot ceilings, or both.

The new Porsche 911 and I have come to a mutual understanding. I will no longer mourn (publicly) the loss of the Boxster headlights and it will maybe be mine someday. It is certainly a gorgeous car as evidenced by the desktop I now have at work.

I am back in a clothes-buying state of mind. I spent a bunch of money at AE, including for shoes. Their shoes have always been fantastic to me, and cheap as well. I also have serious intentions of buying many shirts at Express when we get there at the end of the month. I love their shirts.

Living Vicariously Through Strangers »

Through the wonder that is engadget, I was directed to a site called (oh, sweet heaven) Autoblog. Here again, I was redirected to a person who is having to go through the sad, sad duty of buying a brand new car. She has a list and is taking advice, which people seem to be answering through their own blogs. Out of those listed (Toyota RAV4, Toyota Echo, Subaru Impreza wagon, Hyundai Tucson, Honda Civic/Hybrid, Toyota Corolla, Honda Element, Hyundai Accent), I am pretty biased toward the Element, because there’s one in the family and it’s a very nice car. However, if she wants a “tiny” car, then the Element has to be out because, though it is many things, it is not tiny. It is fairly substantial. If you want tiny, you could try a MINI Cooper – however, despite being very cute, they are not as practical as one would think. Because it’s a BMW, it’s not exactly cheap to fix – hell, it’s not even cheap to buy, for a car of its diminuitive stature. So let’s look at another hatchback – I propose the very reasonably-priced Civic Si. There’s a lot more power than a standard Civic (the same 160 hp engine from the Element and CR-V), and a fairly high level of standard equipment. The only option is side airbags. This, however, could present a problem if you’re not a fan of manual transmissions, since it’s available no other way.

But let’s say four doors are mandatory, since that’s the impression I get from the list. The RAV4 is not a bad choice, as it’s the tiniest of tiny SUV’s. It’s nice-looking, and although it has less horsepower than some competitors, it compensates for this by being smaller. The Corolla’s also a nice car, but if hauling of any sort is involved it’s probably not bad to get a more wagon-like vehicle, and I would choose a Civic over a Corolla any day. I like the VW Jetta, but that’s kind of moot since there’s an aversion to anything Volkswagen. I think the Subaru Impreza is a nice little package, but nothing special unless you have the turbo, which is then just too expensive to be on the list. You could get a Kia Rio Cinco and have a car that is way less than all the cars on the list and is really fun to say.

But I digress; I’m going back to the Civic Si. Too bad they don’t sell the 5-door Civics here.