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Published Nov 03

On The Fly »

First, an observation about Friends: in the beginning, the theme song fit, but now doesn’t seem to be very appropriate – I think it deals very much with people getting their lives together, whereas the cast now has their life together. Just a brief observation.

Second, I just got Sunny 16 from iTunes, and I have yet to get past the first song. I think I like it but we’ll see whether it can compare to Speed Graphic.

Looking back at that paragraph I’m convinced that nobody will know what I’m talking about. Constantly on my mind as of late is the PowerBook. I am trying to figure out what to do – and I have a feeling that, while I originally was planning to buy it in December, I will be waiting now until January since there is word that upgrades are afoot. I am also really anxious to see what future awaits the Cinema Display. Now I’m done with that paragraph – time to move on.

On to VW commercials. The new one has a guy with uneven feet and blah blah blah. At the end though, there’s always the car shot. You know, the one that has the car in a sort of serene setting (a bowling alley, which is about as serene as a bowling alley can be). It’s parked the way normal cars don’t park, as though it’s on display. I find that interesting.
OK! Now I am seriously done.

Yes, I Do Like Ben Folds »

AS of last count I’m currently in possession of over 100 Ben Folds/Five songs. This is rather exciting and I’m willing to go so far as to name him my favorite artist. I am infatuated by his piano skills, and all his music is darn fine in my book. I got Ben Folds Live today, much to my surprise (I ordered it on Friday) and enjoyment. I bought it off of Half because, rather Cheap Oakley surprisingly, it was less that it would have been from iTunes. But iTunes – have I mentioned how much I love that program? I hate to sound like an ad (well, not really), but everything clicks with the iPod and iTunes, something that absolutely could not be said about MusicMatch. It’s not a bad program (yes it is) in and of itself but there’s just no comparison. As usual, I probably thought I was going somewhere with all of this but I am, once again, out of stuff to say (no I’m not).

Interestingly, or perhaps not, it snowed yesterday, all day. That was real fun. I probably would have been way more upset about this if I still had my 45-minute commute to Point, but fortunately, those days are behind me, and so I can be happily apathetic now. I would imagine that, were I still in school and taking the classes I registered for, I’d be really strung out and frustrated. But alas, it was not to be, and so instead I sit here with nothing to do but write (yes! yes! yes!).

It is Definitely Not Halloween Today »

Well, the dog never made it out last night, but the horse did, again. It was a fun time, I went to the theatre where Abe works, and hung out with Lucille Ball.

Anyway, it is definitely November. I am not sure how I feel about this – November is one of those months that is not one you wait for in and of itself so much as one you have to wait through. In this case, that wait is obviously for Christmas and other holidays that December brings. Once again (this seems to be common as of late) I have no idea where I’m going with this.

Instead, let me tell you about the atmosphere. Currently, I’m sitting at my desk and staring at my 19″ Viewsonic as I write this. Dashboard Confessional’s Hands Down (non-acoustic) is playing in iTunes which runs out of the computer and to a Sony surround reciever, which, incidentally, is also attached to a 300-disc changer, a Gamecube, a Dreamcast, and a Panasonic TV. My computer used to sit under my desk but after many episodes of me having to crawl down there to play with cords I have moved it to the top of a two-drawer file cabinet to my left. This also makes for easy plugging in of my iPod. On my desk right now is a tag from a Gap jacket, the April 2003 issue of Automobile magazine, a remote, my cell phone and keys, a reindeer candle holder (it’s better than it sounds), as well as catalogs from American Eagle and Eastbay. I also have a bill sitting on my keyboard so I don’t forget to pay it when I am ray ban outlet paid tomorrow. Abe’s desk is in this room as well, facing the wall. His laptop is closed and sitting atop his Alienware tower, which has been in a non-working state for about two months because he’s too busy to worry about it. His chair is rolled into the middle of the room for God knows why, although I probably did that. My bag is sitting on the floor to my right and later tonight I will more than likely put my wallet and iPod in there so I don’t forget to take them to work tomorrow. If I look slightly left of center, I can see a map of the city in which I live, as well as polaroids from Halloweens 2001 and 2002, where I am dressed as a horse. There’s also a picture of an old Mini Cooper as well as an ad for a 1971 Toyota Celica. The shelf to my left is filled with things, from school books to models of cars to an old Canon camera whose lens I need to have looked at (it’s stuck on full-open). I have a three-whole punch that I don’t use and broken pedal from my bike. There is a multitude of Fossil tins from assorted watches and sunglasses that I own, as well as a Bulls-eye toy from Toy Story 2 who really neighs and kicks when you push a button. I don’t know why I’m writing this, but maybe it will give some insight as to who is actually writing here.

I Guess it’s Still Halloween But Not Really »

First of all, Abe is right – Maroon 5 really does sound kind of like Jamiroquai. But that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I’m thinking right now of pictures I could post but I got nothin’. I don’t remember whether this was mentioned or not – I like iTunes for Windows lots after using it a bit, and I’ve become a Music Store addict. I’m sure other stuff is happening. I may end up being a dog later but I don’t really know yet.

PS: I still like CSI.