Andy Laub

Andy Laub is a designer & developer in the Twin Cities.

Published May 03

So if you’re seeing this, that means that you’ve discovered the new site, which is now almost completely up and running. Slight adjustments may still be made, but overall, I’m happy with it and Abe says he likes the color. The news section is completely converted, but others may still show the old page design until I completely finish updating.

PS. Welcome to version 4.0

Birds Are So Stupid »

They really are. Yes, I suppose that is kind of a harsh viewpoint to adopt, but I’m pretty fed up with birds. Really. For awhile, only caged birds were annoying, because they make noise and you can’t really do much with them, and I guess I just don’t see the point of having a pet you cheap oakley can’t play with. But now I think it’s all birds, at least the smaller ones. Perhaps, though, it wasn’t the birds making noise at 4AM this morning while I was trying to make myself go to sleep. See, we stayed at a friend’s house and therefore were sleeping on the floor. Maybe it’s just that I’m really bad at sleeping on the floor. And so we left at 7:00 this morning because Abe had to work, and I’m thinking, well, I’ll just go to sleep when I get home. But instead I decided not to, I’m not sure why. This is the last chance I’ll have to sleep in my bed until we get back from Minneapolis Sunday.

Also, we got a cat.

Sorry »

I haven’t written in a month. An entire month. What is the deal with that? I am the laziest person I know, quite possibly. I don’t know necessarily that it’s due to lack of things happening so much as lack of motivation. However, all this lack of writing gives me a great theme for my Ray Ban outlet writing, as I basically spend a whole paragraph then trying to figure out why I’m not writing. I guess I should be glad that I’m not a writer because I’d never make any money. Seriously though, I have some things going right now that I’ll gladly share if I ever finish them. Like a website and perhaps another thing. But here’s a mother’s day thing.