Titan is a cool word. Because of that, I tend to become biased about things that have that name, even if they are not great (but they usually are). I was reading Discover this morning, and Saturn has a big moon called Titan. I think it’s my new favorite. There’s also the new Nissan Titan, as well as a set of Titan (link to be added) wheels for your Volvo. And then, of course, there’s titanium.

Now onto the small things. Hamtaro. He is a hamster. I don’t know why we like him but we do. Abe, about a month ago, had brought home a catalog for Nintendo products, and one of the featured Game Boy games was Hamtaro. He was all like, “oooh, Hamtaro!” and I was like, “what?” But then I read a bit about the game, and it sounded pretty fun, so I thought maybe I’d pick it up sometime. Somewhere between then and now, though, it became an obsession to find this game. I saw it at Circuit City awhile ago, but neglected to buy it at that time. Then we were in the Twin Cities over the weekend so I had thought, hey, I’ll just pick it up there. Wrong. 5 stores later, we were still Hamtaro-less. So we checked Ray Ban outlet everywhere locally, and probably ended up looking at about 15 or so physical stores, total. The Appleton Circuit City, which is where I saw it before, still has it, but it’s a two-hour drive. I also looked on the internet where it’s either a)not available or b)at least $35. Then, by some twist of fate, I came upon EB Games, who actually had it in stock at a normal price. So now, Hamtaro is on his way via UPS Ground.

Also, I have a copy of Metroid Fusion sitting here, and I am trying to figure out a good time to actually start playing it. I feel as though I still have some issues to resolve with Yoshi’s Island.