Over the past few days, I’ve been realizing more and more how extremely satisfied I am with my car. Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? It’s a 1992 Honda Accord LX station wagon, in Opal Green Metallic over Sand cloth interior. I believe it listed for slightly under $20K new, I bought it for $2700 from Abe when he bought his Volvo. Since then, I’ve probably spent another $1000 on maintainance and repairs (distributor, electrical relay, exhaust, oil changes, light bulbs, wiper blades), still well under the blue book for this car. The transmission’s a 4-speed automatic, with a 125 horsepower naturally aspirated inline 4 cylinder engine, which displaces either 2.3 or 2.4 litres. Or maybe 2.2; it’s been awhile since I checked. This drives the front wheels. I just got the oil changed at 123,000 miles www.cheapniketrainers.com last Friday. The car has power windows and locks, remote keyless entry was added later on (by Abe) as well as a remote starter, which is nonfunctional at the moment. It has the original factory speakers but the factory cassette deck has been upgraded to a Sony Xplod CD player, rated at 52 watts peak x 4. It has a luggage capacity of 34.5 cubic feet with the back seats up, probably twice that with them down, and can easily hold a full-sized mountain bike, but is not quite long enough for a six-foot person to lie comfortably in with the rear hatch shut. Speaking of which, the hatch ajar light now remains on despite the hatch being shut and locked. The right passenger window rattles horribly when not rolled up quite right; the left one needs major assistance to even meet the seals after being rolled up. There are various cracks, scratches, and dents on the inside and outside of the car, but nothing major. One of the center caps for the wheels is missing, so the other three spend their time in the wheelwell. On that subject, there is a full-sized spare tire. There are only three settings for the intermittant wipers in the front, and only one setting for the rear wiper, but there are spray washers for both. There is no roof rack, nor is there a sunroof or ABS, but there is a cargo cover that can be moved around in multiple configurations, something that is very neat but really just gets in the way (it is thankfully removable). There are headrests for all 4 main passenger seats, and all are adjustable and removable. The back seat bottoms fold forward, after which the seatbacks fold down, making for a cheap nike trainers nearly flat load floor. Yesterday, Abe, Abe’s dad, and I removed the badging and dealer icon from the trunk of the car, leaving only the Honda emblem. There is a handle on the trunk to open it without the key, and there is also a lock on the trunk, inside, that locks all the doors. Since coming into my ownership in June of 2001, I’ve jump-started 6 cars. Most recently Abe’s, 20 minutes ago. The car has never had a problem that delayed me for more than 15 minutes, and never caused me to be late to anywhere that I needed to be. This is the fourth car I’ve owned and the first one that I will be sad to give up, most likely for a new VW or Audi when the time comes. I will sincerely miss it, sentiments that were (and are still, she said it was her favorite car) felt by Abe’s mom and Abe after it came into my ownership. This car is the best I’ve ever owned. It’s reliable, fast, nimble, practical, and great-looking. And that’s that. It’s not for sale, unless you’d like to trade for an allroad. Maybe.