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Published Nov 02

I Was Supposed to Be At Work Right Now… »

…but, I am sick. I started to get sick on Tuesday, when I was nearly frozen wherever I went. Then Tuesday night I found a commercial for the Mitsubishi Outlander that has a horsie in it. Then I went to bed, and dreamt that I was thousands of little robots unified to become a person but the robots wouldn’t all unify and let me go to sleep. Needless to say, I don’t exactly sleep well that night. So then Wednesday came and I had to go to Point, despite the fact that I was sick, because I had to physically drop something off there…so as you know, I brought home my books as well. So I went to work Wednesday afternoon despite the fact that I then possesed the requisite “cold voice” and I had Thanksgiving Thursday and that was good, by the way, and then I went to work yesterday too. Sometime yesterday morning, the “cold voice” gave way to the “I’m loosing my voice” voice, which is sort of a combination cheap oakleys between and old lady who’s smoked way too many cigarettes and a boy reaching puberty. So I weathered that out as much as I could, until I finally gave up and left an hour early yesterday. Of course, I could at least talk yesterday…today, I’m lucky if I can make an entire sentence that’s audible. I guess yesterday was also the biggest shopping day of the year. I’m not sure it made a huge difference at my job, it was all pretty standard fare. I didn’t buy anything yesterday–scratch that; I bought DayQuil–but I do have a fraction of Christmas shopping done, thankfully. It will be interesting to see what I come up with this year. I’m tired…no, I’m not. I have a habit of saying I’m tired even when I’m not, and I really am just not wanting to be somewhere anymore. So I think I’ll go now, and perhaps write a speech. Whoo.

You know, if there’s ever anything you want to see just let me know.

Books, Books & Books »

Well, I finally had a chance to bring home the books I bought last week:

  1. 3D Studio MAX R3 Bible
  2. A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
  3. About Teaching Mathematics
  4. Aktuelle Themen: An Intermediate Reader for Expanding Skills and Perspectives
  5. Architectural Lighting Design
  6. Die Deutschen: Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
  7. Guiding Children’s Learning of Mathematics
  8. Interior Design and Decoration
  9. Mathematics for Teachers: Problem Solving and Other Basic Skills
  10. Media and Culture
  11. Psychology
  12. Psychology: An Introduction
  13. Quantative Methods for Historians
  14. Teaching in a Pluralistic Society: Concepts, Models, Strategies

Seriously; that’s all I could carry.

This Probably Relates Somehow to the Weekend »

So I’ve already mentioned that we checked out 007 Saturday night, but we also went to see Fiddler on the Roof at Marathon, and it was really, seriously, genuinely very good. The music was great and one of the really nice things about that particular theater is that it’s smaller, so they can do without microphones altogether. But now, anyway, I cannot get the music out of my head. I’ve downloaded some choice Ray Ban outlet songs, but I may need to purchase the album (the London cast, please) in the near future. Thanksgiving is also coming up. I don’t quite know how to feel about that. I’ll be spending the day at my parents’. I’m not exactly looking forward to work Friday; I predict that it may be rather busy, considering that it’s the supposed “biggest shopping day of the year.” I guess I don’t mind work all that much, but it’s still work. I guess I can only be thankful that I get paid for it. Okay…well, I just bought the CD I was talking about.

So we just recently got back from seeing Die Another Day. I won’t give anything away except for the fact that it is, quite possibly, the best Bond movie ever. Seriously. I loved it; go see it; it’s worth it. That is all.

I daresay, I think my car is the best-looking in the parking lot at the moment. I’m not sure that that’s really saying a whole lot though, considering the contenders: -an old Plymouth minivan (blue) -an ’89-ish Bonneville (black) -a ’96-ish Lumina (blue) -an old Buick Century (maroon) -a ’97-ish Chrsyler Sebring coupe (silver) Well, it’s at least the best-looking import.

Pressing the “delete” key on this Mac to delete my email in Outlook makes me feel empowered.

Books R Gr8 »

So, get this: our University bookstore, in an attempt to unload some of their inventory of used books, is currently holding an “all you can carry for $10” sale. So, needless to say, I took advantage of that. I have so many books now that I don’t even know what they all are. There are some Math Ed ones in there for Abe, and some architectural/interior design ones, and some Psych ones that I may give as Christmas presents. Oh yeah, and some obscure German ones. Then I also got some other ones that I can’t even remember; at least one of them had the word “Quantum” in the title. So, despite the fact that my arms are now sore-r (?) than they’ve ever been, today has been a good day. OOOOOOh… and the new BMW movie should be out today too.


Miscellany, Which May or May Not Be A Word »

  • Of all things, I’ve now decided to download some old Danger Mouse cartoons. I’m not sure if that’s great or kind of sad. But you know, it’s Mighty Mouse, and he’s a good guy. Mouse.
  • Today was the closing day for Joseph. It was kind of sad, not so much that it was over, but that I wasn’t acknowledged afterward in the cast/crew meeting despite the fact that the rest of the production staff was. Sure, the director has thanked me multiple times, but I guess I just wanted a round of applause like everyone else got, because I’ve never gotten it, whereas Abe, being the fine sound-person that he is, practically gets standing ovations. No bitterness at all.
  • I found out after getting home that one of my headlights burnt out. I replaced it in what has to be record time. And by that I mean the amount of time that elapsed Ray Ban outlet between me discovering that it was burnt out and a new one being installed. I was worried about putting it in because Abe had mentioned something awhile ago about it being a pain in the ass, but it was pretty easy, despite the darkness.
  • I really should be working on my philosophy midterm.
  • I’m sure there was more than this, but I can’t remember.
  • Oh yes! This is probably the most important thing you’ll ever see on this site: go to Right now. And watch all of them, because it’s important and they are good.

I Like Metroid »

Unfortunately, due to my current lack of a GameCube or Game Boy Advance, I’ve not been able to try Prime or Fusion as of yet. They came out yesterday, and I was so excited despite the fact that I didn’t have any reason to buy them.

In honor of this, though, I spent half the weekend playing Super Metroid, which rocks out in its own special way. To be quite honest, I pretty much love every aspect of that game. I’ve yet to come across another title that is quite as creative, with the exception of the Final Fantasy series, but I can actually finish Super Metroid. The original Metroid is a different story. It’s freakin’ hard, supporting the theory that Ray Ban outlet many games have become easier as systems become better. Note the Sonic and Mario franchises; I can get way farther in their newer versions than I could in the originals. I think the invention of “save points,” is, at least by me, very appreciated. Here’s a random thought; I wonder if I should start playing Oddworld again. I sorta quit that game at some point and I don’t know why. Boy, I’m hungry. Can you tell? Anyway, I suppose that’s as good an excuse as any to depart. Adios.

PS: Oh yeah, I found this and this. My birthday’s coming up soon.

Here We Go (It’s Practically Mutiny) »

Well, remember that whole GameCube dilemma? The one where I whined and whined about the inability to choose between the systems? Well, the decision has been officially made. I hereby announce by new allegiance to the Nintendo GameCube. Why, you may ask? Sonic Mega Collection is why. How can I resist? So I naturally emailed Nintendo to find out whether they have Ray Ban outlet any plans to offer the Mario bundle with the black ‘Cube, ever. That would be excellent. Another thing that has made the decision easier is the fact that the PS3 will more than likely be, once again, backwards compatible. So I’ll hold out on that, and get my Sonic fix now. Mmmmm.

Sex, Dogs & Rock Climbing »

I am exhausted. I wasn’t exhausted an hour ago, but rock climbing tends to do that to you. It makes you aware of every muscle in your hands and arms. It doesn’t make you sore, except in the fingers a bit, it just makes you feel solid, in a manner of speaking. It’s a strange feeling, because your hands and fingers fix themselves in a single position after you’re finished, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to move them. Typing, surprisingly, is not so bad, but I’m grateful that I don’t have a class immediately after that requires note-taking. I am grateful, also, that I even made it to the computer lab, as I was thinking the entire walk over here that I just wanted to lie down some more. But I can’t, and that’s why I’m here. I think I have some sort of aversion to sleeping in public. Go figure.

A week later, I’m writing also of my Halloween Ray Ban outlet experiences. It was a fun, albeit somewhat disappointing day. I was kind of surprised to find that nearly nobody at school dressed up. And since I have a sort of bandwagon instinct, I left the horse in the car. I also found that my rock climbing class was cancelled, even though I was already there for it, which means, due to my other class being cancelled, I wouldn’t have had to be at school until 14:00, instead of the usual 9:00. It is sad. However, I gladly wore my costume to work later on, which is always fun, and time always passes really quickly when you’re wearing a horse suit at work. Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly, I did not win the costume contest (again) which is really surprising, when you consider the winner was Spongebob, which basically amounted to a large cardboard box and a badly-drawn face. Foiled yet again by undersea life; that seems to be the way it goes. Anyway, we then decided to go out for dinner afterwords, and I became a dog for the remainder of the evening. Abe wore his tuxedo that he may or may not have mentioned, I’m not sure; he’s very proud of it and wears it almost daily now. Well, not really. But anyway, he was some sort of tuxedo’d guy, a secret agent perhaps, but with tails. He had two compared to my one. Our friend George (it’s an alias, don’t be fooled), didn’t have any tails at all, because she was, of course, a whore. Not one of your cheap contemperary whores, though; she was a 19th-century whore. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel out of place at all in my dog-ness, despite the lack of costumes in the restaurant we went to. It was a fun night, and it didn’t involve any sort of sex whatsoever.

Speaking of which, I wonder why the library has a bathroom with a condom dispenser? It just strikes me as odd that you’d be studying in the computer lab, but then you’d suddenly need to go get some, but you’re responsible enough to stop in the bathroom first and pick up some sort of wang-hat? Just wondering, is all, and I really wanted to use the phrase “wang-hat.”

Honda »

Over the past few days, I’ve been realizing more and more how extremely satisfied I am with my car. Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? It’s a 1992 Honda Accord LX station wagon, in Opal Green Metallic over Sand cloth interior. I believe it listed for slightly under $20K new, I bought it for $2700 from Abe when he bought his Volvo. Since then, I’ve probably spent another $1000 on maintainance and repairs (distributor, electrical relay, exhaust, oil changes, light bulbs, wiper blades), still well under the blue book for this car. The transmission’s a 4-speed automatic, with a 125 horsepower naturally aspirated inline 4 cylinder engine, which displaces either 2.3 or 2.4 litres. Or maybe 2.2; it’s been awhile since I checked. This drives the front wheels. I just got the oil changed at 123,000 miles last Friday. The car has power windows and locks, remote keyless entry was added later on (by Abe) as well as a remote starter, which is nonfunctional at the moment. It has the original factory speakers but the factory cassette deck has been upgraded to a Sony Xplod CD player, rated at 52 watts peak x 4. It has a luggage capacity of 34.5 cubic feet with the back seats up, probably twice that with them down, and can easily hold a full-sized mountain bike, but is not quite long enough for a six-foot person to lie comfortably in with the rear hatch shut. Speaking of which, the hatch ajar light now remains on despite the hatch being shut and locked. The right passenger window rattles horribly when not rolled up quite right; the left one needs major assistance to even meet the seals after being rolled up. There are various cracks, scratches, and dents on the inside and outside of the car, but nothing major. One of the center caps for the wheels is missing, so the other three spend their time in the wheelwell. On that subject, there is a full-sized spare tire. There are only three settings for the intermittant wipers in the front, and only one setting for the rear wiper, but there are spray washers for both. There is no roof rack, nor is there a sunroof or ABS, but there is a cargo cover that can be moved around in multiple configurations, something that is very neat but really just gets in the way (it is thankfully removable). There are headrests for all 4 main passenger seats, and all are adjustable and removable. The back seat bottoms fold forward, after which the seatbacks fold down, making for a cheap nike trainers nearly flat load floor. Yesterday, Abe, Abe’s dad, and I removed the badging and dealer icon from the trunk of the car, leaving only the Honda emblem. There is a handle on the trunk to open it without the key, and there is also a lock on the trunk, inside, that locks all the doors. Since coming into my ownership in June of 2001, I’ve jump-started 6 cars. Most recently Abe’s, 20 minutes ago. The car has never had a problem that delayed me for more than 15 minutes, and never caused me to be late to anywhere that I needed to be. This is the fourth car I’ve owned and the first one that I will be sad to give up, most likely for a new VW or Audi when the time comes. I will sincerely miss it, sentiments that were (and are still, she said it was her favorite car) felt by Abe’s mom and Abe after it came into my ownership. This car is the best I’ve ever owned. It’s reliable, fast, nimble, practical, and great-looking. And that’s that. It’s not for sale, unless you’d like to trade for an allroad. Maybe.

Well, it’s cold… and that means it must be November.