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Published Aug 02

A Use for Photoshop (Finally!) »

so i’ve been playing the sims lately; have i mentioned that. but i’ve managed to up my obsession level even more by making cute little outfits for them, isn’t that sad? just in case you’re wondering, the little *’s denote that they’re straight outta our closets. anyway, so there’s that. abe also came with me to get my books today, which was great because he went to that same school so i’m quite a bit more oriented than i was. i think i am actually ready for school to start. i know i said before that i’ll be fine once i’m into it, and i think that still holds true. oh, and get this, we went to an estate sale today, and got the greatest deals in the world. i got this great 50’s chair for cheap oakleys half off the regular price of $5. of course it needs to be reupholstered but it’s solid and really cool looking even in its current state. so updates will follow on that, and maybe pictures. hopefully abe will also be motivated to share his treasures as well.

Ewww, hunger »

we ended up going to sleep kind of late last night. i remember being extremely hungry. i didn’t eat anything, though, because i was too tired to get up and do so. but anyway, i slept until 11:00 today, and then got up and sat here for a bit, and i wasn’t hungry anymore. i thought that was strange Ray Ban outlet because i am usually hungrier when i wake up than when i go to sleep. but anyway, i didn’t eat until maybe 12:30, despite the fact that i had been practically starving the night before. also, i decided to read timeline again, because it’s a great book. it is kind of fun to read the same book again after not reading it for a year or so, because you pick things up you missed the first time, and it’s not any less surprising to read, generally. a lot like watching a movie again. yeah, reading is fun. i’m trying to thing of something witty and wise to say, but there just isn’t anything.

Looking for Trouble in All the Wrong Places »

abe is funny when he tries to act threatening. generally he mentions the phrase above, which really doesn’t make any sense. i mean, if i was looking for trouble, wouldn’t i know where to look? if i’m looking for it in the wrong places, then i suppose i’m not going to find it any time soon, although that’s what he’s implying. i think.

What Else Can Go Wrong? »

so my classes resume next week. i’m nervous, you know, new school and all. i’m not sure what to expect; i suppose i’ll just get into a routine and all will be well. as abe mentioned, there were more computer problems. mine stopped internetting until today, so i was without that all weekend, which wasn’t Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo too bad because i was gone. i’m wondering how long this phase of net access will last, since it seems to come and go. anyway, minneapolis was good, we saw Les Mis, and also went to the zoo and also to Room & Board, which is a great but way too pricey (right now) store.

Sorry… »

as abe mentioned, we had router issues, so we picked up a new router which seems to be solving the problem. for me at least. anyway, that would explain the lack of updates. although you may have noticed that i didn’t update yesterday either. there’s a simple reason for that also. i was sick. not flu sick, but migraine sick. i hate migraines (well duh). my head throbs and i’m nautious and it’s just not a pretty sight. so i have cheap oakley to apologize to anyone who tried to talk to me because i (stupidly) left all my IM programs open when i went to sleep in the other room, instead of supplying some sort of away message. that’s really all. i had some really great thing to write about yesterday morning but i’ve forgotten it, since i didn’t have web access yesterday morning to post it immediately and my memory has never been all that great to start with. so maybe it’ll come back to me.

Wah! »

i really wanted a ps2 when they came out. i continued to want one for a long time after that, for two main reasons, final fantasy x and gran turismo 3. after awhile, gta3 was also added to that list. i never really even considered the ‘cube or the xbox. now, though, it’s hard not to. i’m becoming ever more interested in the gamecube. it seems to continue doing what nintendo does so well. the games are the epitome of wholesomeness. but they look good while doing it. and jeez, not only does it have mario, but they have rights to sonic as well. and metroid prime, and starfox…well, not really starfox. but they have lots of games that are just fun, not serious at all. and using the gba as an input device, wow. that is cool. the xbox, well, i think that’s still number three. it has a couple things going for it, one of the big ones being crazy taxi 3. it’s kind of sad to have sega split its big titles between systems, but also a wise move, i suppose, because they don’t just have to rely on the success of one platform. it makes me miss the dreamcast. the box also has the hard drive, and the dvd-capability, but i still don’t think that’s enough to warrant me spending money on it. and then there’s still the ps2. i Ray Ban outlet love the playstation. i like my psx and i can only imagine the improvements of the ps2. it’s backwards compatible, for pete’s sake, how great is that? and dvd’s, and a built-in optical out. how can you go wrong? and there’s the racing game to beat all, gt3. i love that too, and final fantasy. and as i said before, i’m very intrigued by grand theft auto 3 also. it’s gonna be a tough decision. not one i’ll be making very soon, by any means, but it’ll be tough when i have to make it.

A Little Thing I Like to Call Video Games »

as i was sitting at work the other day, i was suddenly overcome with the urge to play spyro the dragon. i don’t know why, but i’ve been playing now (again) for three days. i guess it’s a good game, by no means advanced by today’s standards, but good for its time, i suppose. and fun. and easy. i think Ray Ban outlet that’s why i like it. i’m not sure how i feel about the sequels. i played one but it didn’t seem to enjoyable. i was thinking about picking one up because of their relative cheapness, but i just don’t know. in other news, i’m now typing with one hand and it sucks.

Pain & Suffering »

yesterday morning, i was brushing my teeth after eating my standard breakfast of oatmeal. it was one of those times, though, where not all of the oatmeal had been swallowed–there were still little bits in my mouth. so i’m brushing my teeth and feeling these little bits and having this terrible dilemma as to Ray Ban outlet whether i should swallow them (and the toothpaste) or spit them out into the sink as i normally would. i ended up spitting them in the sink, but it felt like such a waste and i felt guilty about it for probably 5 whole minutes before forgetting the entire thing. anyway, i had intended to post that yesterday morning, but it slipped my mind, as so many things do.

What the Heck is Going On? »

it would seem as though disney and squaresoft have collaborated on a video game for the ps2. i was not sure what to think about this, for while i’m quite a fan of the latter, i’ve a some what contrary opinion about former. after seeing the trailer, i still have mixed feelings about the whole idea, but it seems worth a try. i have faith that square was able to inject enough of their “squareness” into the game to make it worth playing. it just is bizarre though. but then, having disney characters in any rpg is somewhat bizarre. square and disney. kingdom hearts. huh.

My Favorite Things, pt 1 »

so, i’ll say flat-out, i’m a sucker for titanium. it doesn’t matter what the product is, if it’s titanium, i’m enthralled by it. it could be the computer, a bike, or even some irrelevant football equipment. it doesn’t matter, if it’s titanium, i suddenly have some newfound respect for whatever it may be. of course, it’s also expensive, which must be another reason for me liking it. i think magnesium follows in a close second (wonder why?), and then aluminum.

(More) Big Money-Making Excitement Here »

as you know, abe’s a teacher. two blocks away from his (elementary!) school is a bar. this bar is freqented by teachers from that school (and, most likely, teachers from nearby middle and high schools also. not all teachers, of course, but enough to be noteworthy. so onto the idea. we’re gonna open a bar and (here’s the good part) it’ll be called the Teachers Lounge. is that not the most ingenious thing ever? we then were thinking that it might actually be a strip club. but then we were wondering where you’d find strippers for such an establishment, and decided teachers would be prime candidates, bringing a whole new meaning to the name. yep, the Teachers Lounge, established August 2002.

On a Lighter Note »

…i thought i’d mention that we spent today, last night, and the evening before watching movies. i’d rate them, on a 1(pitiful) to 5(stupendous) scale: lilo & stitch, 4; return to horror high, 2.5; the money pit, 3.5; vatel, 3.5; mission:impossible 2, 4.5. that’s all i have to say about that. as you may have guessed, some of the movies were picked out by other people.

Gratification »

everyone has things that they do or have done to them that they find particularly pleasing. i am not talking about sex. one of those things, for me, is recieving compliments on things that i’ve put a lot of work into (not implying anything). i think hearing the word “wow,” after somebody sees what i’ve done is spectacular. another one of those things is being able to do something, no matter how stupid or trivial it is, and knowing that not everyone has that ability. i was telling abe that it’s a neat feeling just being able to be flying through the air on a bike. obviously it doesn’t last long, but it’s fun. i don’t know why i’m saying this or why i didn’t spend more time trying to structure it in a coherent form, but it was just on my mind. i guess one of my goals in life (sad as it may be) is to know that people are impressed with me to some extent, sincerely, really, genuinely impressed.

On the Topic of Feet… »

you didn’t know this, but i have some sort of shoe infatuation. honestly, i could just sit and look at shoes all day and i’d be entertained. i have a pair of nike fantaposites that i’ve spent more time staring at than wearing. i also find that i’m absolutely fascinated with shoes from reaction, steve madden, and diesel, despite the fact that they’re all fairly low-profile and all look the same. i think that’s why i work where i do, because i can know all sorts of things about all sorts of shoes. you can just imagine how pleased i was to find this website, which (surprise!) is all about shoes. if you like looking at shoes but not buying them, this is probably someplace you should see.

Free Food »

i got to eat snacks at work today because a supervisor is leaving to work somewhere else. my direct supervisor, to be more specific. i am kind of excited, wondering what kind of person will take his place. hopefully we get someone good, since he was pretty good himself. anyway, about the snacks. free anything is great when you’re at work, unless it’s free work. i think they assume that it raises morale, i don’t know. we had a cookout about a week or so ago, and we also give away turkeys to employees at thanksgiving, and have a big christmas shindig. i think our annual employee activities/morale budget is about $150,000 or so, isn’t that amazing? that’s really all i can say.