i’ve really been noticing lately the complete lack of logic that a lot of people possess. abe credits it to my impatience, but i think there is some validity to the whole issue. we’ll begin with my day after work yesterday, as that’s when i was really starting to notice this trend. we went to pay my cell phone bill. yes, the parking lot for the building is not as good as it could be, but do people really have to stop in the middle of it and completely block the driveway? abe says that it’s because he was in a pickup so it was required, but i still credit it to lack of courtesy. that word will come up again, so be prepared. once we manage to get inside, i find that they have (as usual) a bunch of people waiting for help. this is not a small local operation by any means. it covers quite a bit of wisconsin and minnesota, and is quite popular with a lot of people in the area (hence the long line). you would think that, with the amount of money they make off people who’re suckered into cell phones in the first place, they can actually have one or two more people working. apparently, they figure we don’t have a choice (which is true, unfortunately), so they can do whatever they want. so i waited for awhile, trying to figure out why they wouldn’t have one person who just handles billing so people there to actually give them money could do it. it seems like everytime i’ve gone there with an actual interest in buying something or a legitimate question, i have to wait behind someone who needs everything explained to them, either in person or over the phone. so anyway, after finally getting out of there, i decided that maybe it’d be fun to put gas in my car. since this is not usually a very time-consuming activity, i was kind of almost looking forward to taking care of it. however, all the pumps were taken. i waited behind one person who’d finished putting gas in her car, hoping that she’d move it before she went inside to pay, since, obviously, that would be the nice thing to do. apparently she didn’t think so. i think the concept of courtesy was completely foreign to her, or maybe she just thought i was admiring her car. so i move, because a man comes out of the building and gets in his car. i think i spent a couple minutes behind him, thinking maybe he was actually done and ready to leave and not taking a nap or something. that was not true, so i moved behind another car, which actually left. of course, when i got to the pump, it happened to be the only one on which the “pay at the pump” function was out of order. so i ended up using the original pump i was waiting at, because that stupid lady finally came out and was actually able to start her car and leave the gas station (amazingly) without hitting anything. although it would’ve been entertaining if she had. this whole rant continues when i go to work, because the people i have to talk to are most likely some of the least “with it” of them all. seriously, if you don’t know what your zip code is, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to dial a phone. i don’t even understand how you managed to find the phone to dial it, or that you were even able to dial the correct number. and if you’re reading this, take this to heart because there are more people like me out there, and chances are they get just as irritated as i do when they have to put up with you all day.