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Andy Laub is a designer & developer in the Twin Cities.

Published May 02


well, not much is new. i had the job interview a week ago, and i’ve heard that the last one is tomorrow, so i should hear something monday. hopefully it is something positive. speaking of the trail-riding last week, i managed to break my chain (although i wasn’t aware of it), and was just able to get a new one yesterday, after which we went trail-riding again. the bike carrier is very nice, and after looking at some Yakimas this past weekend in the twin cities, i would have to say abe definitely made the right choice, not only because his car is Swedish as is the Thule brand, but because Thule’s stuff seems to be smarter (especially their fork-mounts, such as the VeloVise and V2). also, my new favorite public bathroom ever would have to be that of the Cheesecake Factory in Southdale Mall. That is all.


ok, i went to Whitewater yesterday for somebody’s graduation; the ceremony itself was a little boring (and long, about 1300 people graduated), but we hung out with that person afterwards and it was fun. her graduation dinner was at mCdonald’s. not so much else is going on, abe is swearing at his computer because the cd drivers didn’t work, i am swearing at the modem because the internet didn’t work. but anyway, it should all be fine (i had the same driver problem about a monthe ago; it is a strange coincidence). so that should be maybe all. i don’t know anything else.

well hey. i don’t know what has kept me from writing the last couple of days, but I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL! it is exciting. also exciting is sony’s price drop on the PS2. read about it here and here. someday we may even buy one. probably as weather starts to get cold again, though, because summer holds so many other activities that don’t involve electronics. anyway, yeah…

as if i wasn’t already doing enough, i’ve started playing around with a new design for the page. let me know what you think; i will leave it there so you can see the progress. not much else is going on. i got the steerer tube cut on my bike and the stem lowered; it provides a slightly more aggressive riding angle. anyway, that’s all for now.

hi; i would write more, but there’s a dog whining for me in the other room…so, goodnight!


well, my weekend is over now. i had a great time in door county; we were there w/ abe’s parents, his aunt and uncle, his great aunt, two cousins, a second cousin, and another aunt. we sight sawed and gift shopped (i bought nothing; gift shops = nausea for me) but had a great time. we went to the point (that thing that sticks off of the Eastern side of WI) and all kinds of stuff. we swam in the pool at the hotel too. the only downside was that i got sick from breakfast sunday and basically spent the rest of yesterday and most of this morning feeling ill. however, i was well enough to go and pick up abe’s bike for him (spring maintainence), and ended up bringing home a bike of my own! no word on the job yet, but i am keeping myself occupied nonetheless. we also got our cable modem today, and it is not noticibly different from the DSL, but it is less expensive and thusfar has been more reliable. i don’t honestly know what else is going on, but it’s all great anyway. also, happy Cinco de Mayo. a day late.


anyway, more about that cd. you see, i got a program with the computer called SonicStage. i hate it. it’s complicated, it relies on playlists, and it’s a pain in the ass to do anything with. not to mention that every attempt i’ve made at doing anything with it has been futile. so today, after giving up in frustration with SonicStage (which i will hopefully never have to use again), i tried just moving the songs to my g: drive, which actually worked. the program was nice enough to automatically open Windows Media Player and burn a nice audio cd that i could play in my car. also, here is a horse that i really like.


i just burnt a cd:

  1. Fiona Apple – Fast as You Can
  2. Ben Folds Five – The Last Polka
  3. Ben Folds Five – Best Imitation of Myself
  4. Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Upstyle
  5. The Chieftains/ Van Morrison – I’ll Tell Me Ma
  6. Patsy Cline – Walkin’ After Midnight
  7. Nikka Costa – Like a Feather
  8. The Dandy Warhols – Cool as Kim Deal
  9. Eminem – Without Me
  10. Marvin Gaye & Tanni Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  11. Gorillaz & D12 – 911
  12. Jungle Brothers – VIP
  13. Patty Loveless – Blame it on Your Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart
  14. No Doubt – Hella Good
  15. No Doubt – Hey Baby
  16. Savage Garden – Break Me Shake Me
  17. Schoolly D – Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  18. Boyd Tinsley & Bella Fleck – Dueling Banjos
  19. Robbie Williams – Supreme

more on this groundbreaking event later.


wow, it’s May. it looks like the year is just flying by, in’t it? i’ve been informed that i will indeed be graduating, meaning i will be a real person with some sort of degree. and while i did register at Point already, i’m also trying to find a job, so i may or may not attend right away. also, i am still thinking about a new bike, and a (real) job would definitely help. in other news, abe’s brother came to visit from CO, because he and his fiancee are looking for a house in the area. we and they think that they’ve found one now, so here’s hoping that that works out. it’s pretty neat, and will be done by the beginning of July (it’s currently under construction if you haven’t already guessed), which is when they plan to move. anyway. i found a great website that sells parts for my car. i was thinking a new passenger’s side door handle would be good, as well as a center cap for one of my wheels, since i currently have three. not that i really like how they look, but they would keep the lugs protected from weather, and isn’t that what life is about?